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We are Ty, Katie, Charlie and Ansleigh. In 2013 the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of adopting a child with down syndrome, serendipitously presented itself, and we jumped on the opportunity. We had 3 months to prepare. At the time we had people tell us that if you had to fundraise to adopt, than you shouldn’t adopt at all. Looking back I wish I knew what I know now. People fundraise. I wish we had.

Following Charlie’s birth we spent the next 7 months in 3 different hospital ICU’s, in 3 different states (birth state, home state and state of acclaimed hospital). During that time I lost my job. Now I am a SAHM. I wouldn’t change our situation for the world. Charlie brings so much joy to our family. 


That leads me to today and I want to give back to others interested in adopting. My family has been in the t-shirt printing business for over 20 years. It seemed only natural to launch a down syndrome and adoption awareness apparel line. It just took some time to come up with product we were happy with and we hope you like it too!

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